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Fleet Management Tools

Datalive fleet management system provides fleet owners with the appropriate data and reports to efficiently run their fleets. We deliver a number of solutions for improving productivity, safety and reducing risk.

This fleet management system includes defect reporting, vehicle check, fleet check and depot audits. These tools make it easy for your staff to diagnose, report and fix any issues that may hinder the efficiency of your fleet.

Defect Report Tool

App on android and IOS to help fleet supervisors keep on top of vehicle technology/equipment. Defects on vehicles are often overlooked because it can be timely to report a problem or defect.

This app makes it SIMPLE.

  1. Report a problem.
  2. Pre-installed fleet details allow intuitive reports generated from drop down menu on vehicle, equipment and problem.
  3. Submit report. Email confirmation. Job sent to the service provider Install to be booked as a service call and fixed.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up for new fleet
  • Completely configurable to cover all vehicle technology
  • Fleet defects are resolved quickly
  • Electronic trail of information flow, allowing service response analytics
  • Can report / plug into other transport maintenance systems

Vehicle Check Tool

Designed to eliminate paperwork. Now fleet managers can be sure that all vehicles are checked on a daily basis. Safety and damage checks set daily and alerted if not completed. The app will not allow a user to move to another vehicle until a full 360 degree check has been completed.

The app reporting suite.

  1. Stored in the cloud, the transport manager can see which depots are doing vehicle checks and which are not.
  2. Damage can be tracked to when it has been repaired.
  3. League tables can be set up to report on damage / vehicle / repair time / number of checks done etc.
  • Can integrate into any fleet maintenance management software or stand alone
  • Easy to set up fleet management system
  • Flexible / customisable
  • Easy to use
  • NO paper
  • All data sets searchable
  • Triggers and alerts can be set up – completely configurable

Vehicle Check Audit Tool

Designed for fleet managers, fleet engineers and fleet auditors. The App is similar to the Vehicle Check Tool, however it means any vehicle can be checked across the whole fleet and is specifically used to report on anomalies. If damage is found that is not already reported (marked on the schematic), the new data is processed, collated and added to the system.

This highlights problems in the checking procedure. This is then captured electronically and reported back to management for appropriate action.

  • Audit tool to check fleet maintenance processes
  • Great tool for fleet engineers to train supervisors on how to inspect a vehicle
  • Fast way to report damage to the depot management
  • Fleet engineers normally have to inspect 5% of fleet across the year
  • This system is a great way to manage it and host the data

Depot Audit Tool

Within the Vehicle Audit Checking, there is an additional tool for auditing the depot. This tool is simply an electronic list of check items to inspect within the depot. As vehicle maintenance is integral to an efficient transport operation, it’s important to check regularly that all the tools are in the right place.

The depot check / audit is used to inspect the fleet related equipment such as: Spare tyres, jump start kits, ladders, cones etc. All reports capture users signatures and pre-populate the users name / employee details / data and time stamped.

  • Once the audit is done, the information entered is converted into a report and sent to the depot manager / transport department and used to restore depot transport tools to the appropriate level
  • This tool is completely configurable, easy to use and easy to add in new items that require checking / reporting on